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Milele Villas Zanzibar


(per villa per night)

Villa Lisa OR Villa Tatu
2 pax sharing – from US$398
4 pax sharing – from US$545
6 pax sharing – from US$695
8 pax sharing – from US$845
10 pax sharing – from US$990


the full experience package includes:
exclusive use of one villa; breakfast, dinner; 5 o’clock tea; tea, coffee & bottled water; free WIFI; a private car during your stay; free massages; daily yoga sessions; use of sea kayaks and bicycles;

all rates exclude:
Transfers to and from the villa; Alcoholic beverages


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milele villas

Compromising of 2 villas, Lisa and Tatu, and sleeping up to 14 people, Milele Villas is the first accommodation of its kind in the surrounding area of Fukuchani. This ensures that guests enjoy a secluded, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

It is also the very first self sufficient and environmentally friendly accommodation on the entire island of Zanzibar! Power is produced by a large wind turbine, and water is heated by solar. Not only does this minimise harm to the environment, it also ensures that Milele Villas always have electricity, and remain unaffected by electricity blackouts.

Located on the North-Western coast of the island, Milele Villas are perfectly situated to ensure that you make the most of your time in Zanzibar, enjoying the crystal-clear ocean, white sandy beaches, lovely hot weather, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, water sports and activities and tours - and everything else the island has to offer.


Milele Villas compromises of 2 villas, Lisa and Tatu, and sleeps up to 14 people.

villa lisa

Villa Lisa is a large opened planned property with high ceilings, ensuring that even without air conditioning, rooms are kept cool and airy by the gentle breeze coming in from the ocean which lies at your doorstep.

The villa is only rentable for private stays, ensuring that you will have the accommodation and surrounding area to yourself.

There are 3 self contained bedrooms – one has twin beds in it, the other two have a double bed in each. There are also 2 extra double beds upstairs – in their own open, private space.

Villa Lisa can comfortably sleep 8+ guests.

All rooms come with:

  • Fans
  • Verandas
  • Sea views
  • Showers
  • Universal plug sockets

villa tatu

Villa Tatu gets its name from the Swahili word meaning ‘three’ – since the villa is made-up of 3 sections.

In the middle section there is a self-catering kitchen and an open lounge area, which has large glass doors looking out towards the Indian Ocean, making it the perfect spot to relax and watch the sunset. There is also a spare bed available in this area for any additional persons.

The outer 2 sections are identical to each other, and feature double beds – which also look out onto the sea through French windows, as well as en-suite shower and toilet.

Villa Tatu can comfortably sleep 4+ guests.


Milele Villas are located on the North-Western tip of the island of Zanzibar, situated around 15 minutes drive away from the villages of Nungwi and Kendwa (great for access to stunning beaches, aquatic excursions and water sports), and only a short walk from Fukuchani natural aquarium.

Milele Villas supply a car for your personal use. You just need to pay for the petrol that you use!

The villas have an open, unobstructed view onto the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. It is also in a prime position to witness beautiful sunsets, as well as watch the heavens for amazing views of the stars. Here, after a long day in the sun, you can watch as the vibrant pinks and oranges of an African sunset merge into the horizon, and celestial constellations manifest themselves one by one as the night sky darkens and deepens.

The surrounding area of Milele is made up of lots of beautiful flora and fauna, most notably mangrove trees and African baobabs – which are often hundreds of years old and are famous for their huge size. These wild and untouched surroundings make for some great mornings and afternoons of exploration. The secluded location here ensures a high level of privacy which is often not possible in other parts of the island – leaving you to enjoy the stunning sunsets and starry skies totally undisturbed.


Milele Villas have a wide range of facilities available, including:

  • Wireless Iinternet
  • Infinity swimming pool with sea view
  • Spa and massage treatments can be arranged
  • Yoga and Reiki sessions are also offered on request
  • Astrological telescope for viewing the stars and planets
  • Flat screen TV with DVD player and a collection of movies
  • Hammock, which is perfect for an afternoon nap!
  • Range of bikes and sea-kayaks
  • Volley ball court
  • Private vehicle for your personal use


Food and dining is on a half board basis.

The on-site chef can prepare any meals at your request, including freshly caught fish such as red snapper, tuna and kingfish - as well as a wide variety of just-picked vegetables and exotic fruits – which are all readily available.

Food can also be served to you wherever you please, including on the beach.

There is also the option to have barbequed food, such as fresh meats, fish and vegetables around a cosy campfire.


There are numerous activities that can be arranged for you whilst staying at Milele Villas:

  • Snorkelling
  • Scuba diving
  • Sunset cruises
  • Big game fishing
  • Para sailing
  • Yoga/Reiki sessions
  • Stone Town tours
  • Spice tours
  • Jozani Forest tours
  • Prison Island trips
  • Village tours of Nungwi or Fukuchani
  • Private car rental


Milele Villas take pride in being environmentally friendly, and making the most out of their rich natural surroundings.

Electricity is supplied by wind power, and you will see a turbine whirling around as the breeze moves it. Hot water is heated by the sun, and is stored in a solar tank until required.

All fruits and vegetables are handpicked locally, and the meat and fish is also local produce, resulting in a low carbon footprint. Milele Villas also grow papayas and passion fruit in their gardens – which are watered with collected rain water.

The villas are constructed from local natural materials such as coral blocks, and are furnished with recycled dhow (Arabic boats which are popular in Zanzibar). All wood furniture is crafted by Milele's very own dhow furniture company.

Milele Villas consciously chose not to install air conditioning inside the villas, as AC systems demand high power usage. As an eco-friendly alternative, the villas have been carefully constructed to ensure that they obtain a nice cool breeze through the day and night, so that guests do not feel too hot.


The village next to Milele Villas, Fukuchani, plays a big part in the history and culture of Zanzibar, as it is said to be the first place where Arabic and Portuguese explorers and traders originally landed in the 19th century. This is present in the ruins and relics which can still be seen in the area today.


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Milele Villas

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